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Finding the Right Fit

The character of Betsy was created to compliment the redesign of Benny, the long time mascot of the community favorite AGC. She was designed to be a contemporary woman from another time.

A Modern Gal with a Historical Flare

Once the Betsy's design was finalized she needed to have a come color and flare. The color palette was modern use of blue. The complimented Benny's earthy umber color scheme contemporary while still holding to the historical roots from which she was inspired.
Main Dress

Quite the Pair

Building Tronix-Bot in 3D begins with a wire frame model, that leads to the outer shell then onto a little dab of paint on the old chassis. Finally he gets rigged up like a puppet and he's ready to get started.

A Touch of the Classic

This process lead to the redesign of the AGC website. Using the characters and a visual style and in keeping with Benny's 1790's roots. The design resulted in a simple one page site that gives a new look at a service as old as the country itself. Take a look.

A Touch of the Contemporary

In addition to the character design I created a series of facebook ads. These videos were offer centered and helped get the attention of the younger demographic they were focused on.
Click the video below to see a few of the vids