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Finding the Right Fit

The character of Betsy was created to compliment the redesign of Benny, the long-time mascot and community favorite of AGC. She is a woman of another time with the attitude and flare of a contemporary woman.
Main Dress

Quite the Pair

Betsy was so well received that she quickly became a core part of the brand. The classic AGC "coin" was redesigned with both Betsy and Benny sharing the spotlight.

Washed, folded, branded

As part of the overall marketing strategy was the introduction of a new service; Wash + Fold next day laundry service. To introduce this new offering we created a unique brand all it's own.

Bag it. Drop It. Pick it Up.

To launch the promotion, shopping bags were made to allow the customer to pick up their laundry as though they just bought it from the store. Multiple phrases were used to keep them fun.

Come one. Come all.

To launch the new branding and new services we implemented a targeted social media, email marketing campaign, and brand new website. Using targeted Facebook & Instagram video ads and Constant Contact email lists.

You've Got Mail

After asking loyal customers why they kept coming back to the store and how we could improve word of mouth we used this info to craft a series of custom bi-weekly emails that would help the new brand grab some attention and avg. open rate of 37%

Laundry Everywhere

The new simple website served to allow new and loyal customers the ability to get all of the AGC info they needed... including their "Customer Bill of Rights".

A Video Say a Billion Words

To maximize the impact of the Facebook ad campaign we create a series Facebook and Instagram Videos to replace the simple still ads.