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A Very Clear Inspiration

The inspiration for the Carman Lay Foundation was the same inspiration for the brand... Carman. After talking with her mother, the staff at the Maryland School for the Blind and learning her story the design began to create itself.
Carman's hope and determination was only eclipsed by her cheerful and bright disposition herself. Early sketches and concepts (above) show the concept taking shape. The final logo was finished off with an arch of stars in a brail pattern that spells out Carman's full name.

A Drop of Wine... A Flood of Hope

The Maryland School for the Blind is where Carman learned to be and do much more than anyone would have imagined. To say thank you The Carman Lay foundation holds an annual food and wine tasting event called Swirl for the Girl to raise money for the school. The foundation wanted a new and fun brand that tied in with the foundation but was also unique unto itself.
The idea behind the logo was to capture the growth students experience through guidance and exercise at MSB. It was  designed to look as if a drop of wine took the shape of the a girl like Carman, swirling ribbons in the  shape of a heart. Rarely do so many concepts blend so elegantly as in this brand.