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Inspired by Voices

The essence of this new and exciting brand came down to three core values; Speaking Talent. The core of what Greater Talent had been about for more than 30 years is having some of the greatest minds of our time share their perspectives and... Ideas. This revolutionary new platform was founded for the sole purpose of sharing those great ideas. G. Simple. Balanced. Great. 

This was combined with a fresh and "living" color palette to evoke the fresh nature of this new brand.

More than a brand... an identity

The brand for GreaterTalent.com needed to stand out. It needed to be simple and iconic. It needed to read easily from a distance. It needed to be printed simply and quickly. The flexibility and readability of the logo, and by that measure, the brand was essential. This made it easy to apply to any size and any platform.
Here's to a new brand 

To officially launch the new brand A special bottle of private label wine was produced. This wine was only available for a short run. 

Nothing opens up a new brand like a good drink.