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Quirk that shows his work

Like any good and grounded scientific method the "Prof" character had to go through several rounds of revisions. He needed to have a quirky yet lovable personality. A bit mad scientist, a bit eccentric and completely approachable. Simple enough... The final character was captured in the colored sketch below. Eureka!!!

Never Without a Story

The Professor character was used in a series of stories written by faculty. Each of these stories required a special illustration to give a brief visual to the project. These are just a few of the more than 20 sketches.

Rolling it Out

Once the design of the Prof character was finished it was time to make his debut. The faculty and staff of the university were asked to contribute creative musings and poems about the university. These were illustrated and presented in storybook fashion in the university publication, a custom website, and handouts throughout the school. The Prof also made an appearance in a banner or two.
The Engineer & The Professor 

The official magazine for the alumni and supporters of the Whiting School of Engineering is the The Engineer. The professor was originally supposed to be a feature in the magazine. As the interest in the character grew so did the characters reach. Soon it was made the cover and the "Science Facts" feature was expanded and even turned into the theme behind the Anniversary website celebrating