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The Game Plan

The design of the app takes good planning and communication with the client. I created extensive wireframes and Living Comps to help visualize the app's UI prior to the expensive process of development.

Instant Collector Cards

Take a picture of your child and within a few taps you get a instant collector sports themed card of your child. Once created a parent can share on social media or order a professional print package. To accomplish this we designed a quick and flexible laying system. This allowed the user to create as many cards using as many themes and info without ever damaging the original image

A Little Bit of Coaching

The key to making a good PhotoMoby is taking a good picture. Since this app was the idea of professional sport photographers they were very keen on helping parents take a good picture. To make this process more fun I created the Photo Coach. This character takes the parents through a short tutorial to give them basic 

Playing to the Crowd

Once we created the app it was time to tell the world. Working with the folks at PhotoMoby, we created a simple website to explain the app and allow parents to get the app easily.