An entire philosophy in a single word.

The vision was to craft a wholistic lifestyle health program that was customized to each client. Torres Fitness took their deep knowledge of kinesiology and science of nutrition to create a full body approach to achieve the maximum results.

The challenge was how to tell this story quickly and memorably. After searching the answer was simple... create a new word.
/ kəˌnooˈtrē,-ahl-ō-gē /
Def: kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movements. Nutrition is the branch of science that deals with nutrients and nutrition, particularly in humans. Kinutriology is the building of a program that addresses the full body from fuel to form.

Strong, balanced and dynamic...
that's the brand

The approach started by crafting a brand that is modern, strong and balanced. This would reflect the program. We played with several themes and eventually settled on the toro or bull. Few things embody the ideal of strength and balance.

Keeping goals in site

I worked with a talented design and dev team to create a site that was more than a simple billboard on the web.

The Warm Up

We wanted to create a web experience that would inform and engage the visitor and encourage them to become a part of the Torress family. We had our assumptions but started with a survey of a few trainers and their clients to see what they would like to see from a fitness brand.
Our Approach
Survey trainers & clients
Focus on key wants and needs
Design > Iterate > Prototype > Repeat

Testing Our Fitness

In order to understand the experience from our customer's perspective, we surveyed 22 trainers and clients (13 men 9 women, 26 - 48). We asked them to describe what would make them choose a program or trainer. What they felt was most important when deciding on a new program or trainer. We concluded that there were common request from both parties .
Needs + Wants
Trainers + Clients
Clear list of services + prices

Why the custom approach matters

Quick sign up without committment

It's all about he program

We spent time working with Torres and his team to craft a website that shows their program, becomes a source for news, information and learning for current and potential clients.