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Designing a Better Bot

The character of the "Bot" had to be likable and fun. Early concept sketches of showed a more "hand-made" version of the of the bot and a more refined retro-modern version. The final version had a elements of both designs.

Giving Tonix-Bot Some Dimension

Building Tronix-Bot in 3D begins with a wire frame model, The mesh is simple to keep it approachable. This leads to materials and shaders.  Finally he gets rigged up like a puppet which allows animation control and he's ready to get started.

Built in 3D Studio Max running on Mac/Parallels
Every element in the television spot was virtual. So, a model was built in Cinema 4D and 3D Studio Max for all elements; materials applied and then fully rendered to follow the virtual camera used in Adobe After Effects.

Bringing the little guy to life was the next step. Below is a test animation of the bot flying through the scene along an action path.
Once all of the elemnets are rendered it was time to put it all together. Everything was compiled in Adobe After Effects and rendered for multiple distributions; broadcast and web release.

Rolling it Out

The final commercial was rolled out nationally. Target market were selected for specific media buys. The remaining inventory was handled through remnant buys through a selection of syndicators.
Click the video below to see Tronix in motion